Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Designing A Passion

Who chooses to be a designer? Do I have what it takes? The flair, talent and all? Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But I do know one thing, is that I have a genuine passion for designing. And it is this passion that incessantly fuels my interest & curiosity for more, thus constantly drives me to be better skilled at the craft. Before long, the digital design revolution bug finally caught up with me. This would then eventually launch me on a journey into the world of design visualization. The more I delve into it, the more fascinated I became. Though still an amatuer today with this 3D experience, I am convinced, motivated and determined enough to carry on with the journey, which by the way, is an ever extending journey.
Thus far my designing experience for vocation has been mostly water gardens & landscape related assignments. While I endeavour to diversify my design subjects, this blog will feature primarily design visualizations of ponds, water gardens and hardscape features .

garden pond at the living terrace


Solo said...

Fantastic landscape visuals.

Solo (SCF forum)

Danty said...

Hi Susim -- Wonderful. Your passion and intense interest in the subject of design and the outdoors literally pours out of your blog. I am truly impressed by your creations. Please continue!! Danty